Handwriting is collection of dots. Every dot is a thought in human system. Human mind connects those dots in their own style. My Passion begins here in engineering the single sparkling dot.


Lakshmanan – Writing Analyst & Trainer

✓ Over the years, I have cultivated a profound expertise in the field of handwriting analysis, enabling me to detect and understand the subtle nuances and distinct characteristics embedded within an individual’s handwriting. This specialized skill set allows me to go beyond the surface, uncovering the deeper layers of personality and individuality expressed through each stroke and curve.

✓ My vast experience has honed my ability to decode intricate handwriting patterns into insightful assessments of personality and emotional states. This involves a detailed examination of handwriting elements such as pressure, slant, and spacing, which reveal much about a person’s psychological makeup and emotional well-being.


What is Handwriting..?

Benefits of Handwriting


Subconscious Mind Analysis

Give detailed analysis report with prons and cons Of writers mindset

Remedy with One to One hand-hold Support (Minimum 10 Sessions)

Support individuals to engrave their mindset by engraving their Handwriting

Handwriting Oriented Conceptual Training

Who All can get maximum benefits through this training...


Dharaneetharan G D Founder - Social Eagle & 21DC Community

I am impressed with Mr. Lakshmanan's passion for his work. He approaches his tasks with dedication and a genuine desire to bring about positive change in people's lives. I was amazed to discover that handwriting can reveal so much about a person's personality. When I tried it myself, I was surprised by the accuracy of the analysis. Overall, I highly recommend Mr. Lakshmanan and his services.

    Thiyagarajan MK A doctoral fellow at National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, NCERT Campus, New Delhi.

    Mr. Lakshmanan analysis was truly eye-opening. His expertise and attention to detail were remarkable. He provided deep insights into my personality traits, strengths, and areas for improvement. I was amazed he could read my thoughts and emotions. I could see how implementing his suggestions positively impact my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Mr. Lakshmanan's handwriting analysis services to anyone seeking insights into their personality and behavior.

      Ms. Suneta Desae - Principal Horizon English medium school & Junior College, Pune

      I have been learning handwriting analysis from Mr.Lakshmanan. He was very patiently listening to us, did analysis of our hand writing and teach us the nuances in handwriting. It is really useful for my Personal growth as well as our faculty members. Felt really motivated after practising as designed by him. Lot's of gratitude for him and his much appreciated efforts. Thank you

      Mr.Vignesh - Faculty Trainer Entrprunership & Innovation Development Wing @ Annamalai University.

      A year back Got connected with Mr.Lakshmanan who had analysed my characters through my handwriting without seeing myself. He told few minor key points in my handwriting, to engrave my Mindset. After practising as he advised feel Excited, Motivated & Transformed. Lot more gratitute to him for bringing magcial tranformation in my life journey

        Ms.Baby Shakila Principal Vivekanda College, Erode

        Handwriting analysis has revealed me a great deal about myself, traits and tendencies.This is very useful for organisation heads who want to understand their staffs better. This can be helpful for individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues

        Mrs. Priya Dharaneetharan Founder - Academy 21

        My first-ever session was really good . It was really interesting and insightful as i learnt more about myself ! Got to know a lot about the meaning behind various details of my handwriting which actually reflected my personality, self esteem and how I felt while writing. Mr.Lakshmanan was answering all the questions and provide accurate analysis based on handwriting! Highly recommended 👍