About Us


Lakshmanan – Writing Analyst & Trainer

✓ As a handwriting analyst, I have developed a keen eye for analyzing the unique characteristics of an individual’s handwriting.

✓ With years of experience, I possess the ability to decipher personality traits, emotional states, and even potential health issues through a close examination of handwriting patterns.


✓ My expertise in handwriting analysis has been honed through rigorous training and practice, enabling me to provide accurate and insightful interpretations.

✓ I am passionate about helping individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others through the power of handwriting analysis.

✓ Whether you are seeking to gain insight into your own personality or wish to understand the handwriting of others, I am here to provide professional and confidential handwriting analysis services.

✓ With my attention to detail and commitment to accuracy, you can trust that my analyses will provide you with valuable insights and perspectives.

✓ Have done an analysis of around 10000 handwriting samples in last 8 years time.